Having the exterior of your property professionally painted can breathe new life into your home, enhancing its kerb appeal and providing vital protection against the elements. Whether you are looking to revitalise the existing colour or you wish to explore a completely new colour and finish to your home, we can help you!

At MK Roofing & Home Improvements Ltd we can paint exterior surfaces, from the walls to doors, door trims, windows and roof fascias.

With a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, you can transform the look of your home to reflect your personal style and completely transform the look of your property.

A quality exterior paint job also safeguards your property from weather damage, moisture, and UV rays., speak to us about the many different wall coatings that can also be added to your brickwork. Trusting the expertise of our exterior painting team ensures a professional, long lasting finish that will make your home the envy of your neighbours.

Our team have the skills, experience, and knowledge to properly prepare the surfaces ready for painting which may include the repointing or cleaning of the brickwork. We will then choose the right type of paint and apply it flawlessly for a stunning and long lasting, professional finish.

Our competitively priced, transparent quotations come without any obligation!

We source only the best quality paints and wall coatings from the UK´s leading suppliers, speak to a member of our experienced team to see what we can offer you to spruce up your property.

All exterior work is fully guaranteed so give us a call today at MK Roofing & Home Improvements Ltd, we can be reached on any of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.